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Amsterdam – After a long week of physical building and digital patching, we’ve mounted and opened the Out My Window StorySpace Installation.  It’s part of a great exhibit at de Brakke Grond called Expanding Documentary, in conjunction with IDFA DocLab.  Our installation translates the stories of Out My Window into a physical space, using projection, an 8m wide hand-built lattice of screens and motion trigger interactivity.

The audience response to the work has been great: lots of dutch general public and  international documentary traffic coming through. Yesterday, met a Spanish couple from Barcelona, who travelled to Amsterdam for the weekend just for the doclab program, they’re working on their PhDs in interactive documentary. Also have met several dutch locals who have lived in Bijlmer, the highrise neighbourhood we feature in the exhibit. They given me new insight into the controversial and complicated history of the place. Nice round up of the opening night at the DocLab blog.

In other news: tonight at IDFA DocLab, I do a live cinema screening of the web version of Out My Window, and if you like OMW, please consider voting for us at the FWA (Favorite Website Awards), we are up for the shortlist, and they are one of the most important web nods out there. You can register and vote here  <registration only takes a second>

Necessary Shout-Outs for getting this installation off the ground and looking so gorgeous: Priam Givord <incredible interactive artist>, Markus <developer wizard from Derivative>, Branden Bratuhin <HIGHRISE technical director, without whom nothing HIGHRISE could happen>, Michelle Kasprzak <creative curator on the ground in Amsterdam>, Ana Serrano <producer extraordinaire>, Paramita <essential HIGHRISE teamster>, Gemma and Fleurie and the whole beautiful team at de Brakke Grond, and last but not least Caspar Sonnen, curator of DocLab who got us into all this trouble in the first place.

Vids of exhibit coming soon!

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