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We’ve been pulling a few all-nighters lately, working towards our World Premiere opening of the HIGHRISE: Out My Window Story Space Installation next week in Amsterdam at IDFA DocLab.

The project extends the stories and images of our 360º web-based documentary into physical space. How do stories about space (originally created for the computer screen) translate into life-size images, within a physical space?

That’s a question we’ve been exploring with our co-producer Ana Serrano, head of the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab, and Interactive Artist Priam Givord, who have both guided us through this incredible process of bringing the virtual into the physical.

We are building a portable 8 meter-wide screen, built out of scafholding, wooden frames and projection fabric. Together, these physical materials create a lattice of screens on different planes, physically mimicking the collaged feel of the 360º environments of the apartments in OMW.

Additionally, we are creating 3D layered effect with software from Derivative, an awesome tech company in Toronto, who are working closely with Priam, around the clock, to develop a new interface for their 3D interactive software for this installation. The software allow us to project the images of OMW in x,y and z axes across the huge screen.

We’ve been working in a rented studio here in Toronto (it’s normally a puppet-set building studio), and last night we wrapped the canadian portion of R+D.

Today, Priam and HIGHRISE technical director, Branden Bratuhin, are packing up and hand-carrying our Christie HD projectors to Amsterdam. Ana and I are travelling over the weekend, we’ll be met by Michelle Kasprzak (a Canadian curator currently working in A-dam), and a Derivative Programmer will come in from Germany. From there on on, we’ll be holed-up at de Brakke Grond, the gallery co-hosting the Expanding Documentary exhibit, until the opening on Thursday. Wish us luck!

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The Derivative TOUCH DEVELOPER software

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Behind the scenes: scafholding (cheap and available anywhere in the world)

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Priam Givord, our extra-ordinary interactive artist

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It’s WOW.

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Ana, at the back, Priam in the middle, Branden, HIGHRISE tech guru in foreground.

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The images of nature, David meditating, and the cuban sea => our favorite story so far

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Producer Ana doing deals, working logistics, keeping us on track.

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