Early Reviews of OUT MY WINDOW


We’ve had some good responses to our 360º documentary OUT MY WINDOW.

Leslie Scrivener, in a feature spread at The Toronto Star calls it “stunning… profoundly moving…” The Vancouver Sun says: “Beautifully textured, compelling…” Reel Screen reports on our opening at IDFA.

Matt Galloway, of CBC-Radio Metro Morning, sez Out My Window is “unbelievable, extraordinary… What I’ve been obsessed with for the last few days… Worth spending a couple of hours with.” Listen to the interview here.

We got Boing-Boing-ed.

At Forbes in his Buzz Boom and Sizzle blog, Bill Barol says: “In assembling like a mosaic the static images of tower-dwellers across the world, Cizek honors their stories and creates something that moves, in every sense of the word.”

Chicagoist sez “ingenious… produced by the always-awesome National Film Board of Canada…”

Huffington Post sez “More than 100 people from around the world came together on this project — watch it, be astonished and stay connected as they unveil more features in 2011 (maybe you want to tell your story?). And while “Out My Window” isn’t for sale, you can buy something from the NFB’s online store — help keep documentary filmmaking alive!

Tracy Boyer, at Innovative Interactivity, sez: “It’s been cool seeing panorama technology integrated into multimedia storytelling, and I would argue that this is the best attempt at doing it seamlessly amidst a myriad of other multimedia elements. Make sure to have your volume on for this one – they know the importance of high quality sound and fitting music!”

The Activist Writer Blog sez: “This is panorama-technology put to perfect use for social awareness.”

Sam Gregory at Witness.org, of NYC, writes about our 360º technology, about it’s potential for human rights advocacy, and the Phnom Penh stories in a post called “Learning from Innovations at the Highrise Project.

Carl Wilson, culture and music critic, makes us his web pick of the week at Back to the World, calling it “…beautiful, meditative… really gives meaning to interactivity. Prepare to spend some time exploring it.”

A thoughtful thorough review at Yonge Street blog.

Important music blog, Said the Gramaphone, sez “It’s a brilliant, and very touching project. Go, with half an hour to spare, and check out (at the very least) some of my favourite stories…”

Ontrack blog sez: “Spend some time on the site and feel like you’ve traveled the world over without one airport security check.”

Lavraki blog sez: “This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long while: part film, part sort of choose your own adventure.”

AOL tech blog, Switched, calls it a “documentary interactive event (“film” doesn’t quite do it justice).”

California Home + Design Resource Blog sez: “It’s a fascinating look at what part these architectural behemoths play in segregation and community building, and the effects of design on contemporary life.”

We were “one GOOD thing a day” in the city department.

Great review in the popular educational blog, Open Culture.

BlogTO sez: “The result is a fascinating interactive mosaic made up of fragmented and non-linear stories that challenge traditional perceptions of the urban experience. Perhaps most admirable is Cizek’s ability to deftly address themes of migration, poverty, and environmentalism without ever losing sight of the lived experience of her film’s subjects.”

In-depth interviews at MIT’s Collab Radio, Australia’s SBS Love Factually: part one and part two.

Also reviews at Playback MagazineLa Femme Architecte, PSFK, Bombay Flying Club, Sociolography, Visual Journalist, Things are Good, Collab Docs, U Chicago Blog, Stories of our City, Archiculture, Osocio, Curious Mind, Objects, buildings, Situations, 1loveTOSCOPE, Canadian Centre for Architecture.

And in the twitterverse:

@brainpicker, influential blogger, says “brilliant”

@joguldi, historian at the Harvard Society of Fellows, “i have seen the future of cinema and it is spatial.”

@gnomeslair, online gamer, says: “Now THAT is how interactive documentaries should be.”

@PJHatfield, curator at British Library, says: “This is stunning, merging the geography of the high rise and film.”

@snapncrackle, a college professor, says: “Profound and playful.”

@lafemmearchitct, New York-based architect,  says: “I. MUST. SHARE. THIS. WITH. ARCHITECTURAL. COMMUNITY.

@slituchy, multi-media producer at West Virginia University, “Holy Multimedia, Batman! Amazing piece uses photo, video, music and interactivity really well.”

@ripmanifesto, (Brett Gaylor, award-winning director of RIP Manifesto) says “epic… must watch.”

@jessebrown, host of TVO’s Search Engine, says “Really impressive.”

@dougsaunders, The Globe and Mail European correspondent, author of Arrival City, says “Seriously: Go into the Cuban apartment, click on the headphones, scroll, freak”

Its’s also tweeted by an editor at The New York Times, a project manager at The Wall Street Journal and Head of Research at National Geographic Television.

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