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We will soon be launching OUT MY WINDOW: interactive views from the global highrise, our 360-degree documentary.

The interactive work, over a year in the making, will take web-audiences inside 13 highrise apartments, to give an insiders view onto the world through highrise windows. It features stunning photography from 13 apartments, in 13 cities around the world, over 90 minutes of documentary stories, and 3 music videos shot with 360 degree video technology. The work celebrates highrise residents who harness the power of community, art and search for meaning while living in concrete slabs.

Meanwhile, we have gone into development and production of a physical iteration of the work, which would take the form of a large scale projection in gallery spaces. It’s an experiment to see how digital stories (about space) can be translated back into physical space. The spacialization of story. We are working with CFC Media Lab Director Ana Serrano and New Media artists Priam Givord and David Bouchard. In the Fall, we hope to bring on additional New Media Fellows to complete the work.

Last night our team saw a first glimpse of a quarter scale model. Not hard, now, to imagine it life-size, at 10 meters wide and almost 3 meters tall. v. exciting.

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