HIGHRISE is getting some nice tweets:

@dougsaunders, The Globe and Mail’s European Bureau Chief,  sez: “Documentary-maker Katerina Cizek is up to something pretty genius re plattenbau: http://highrise.nfb.ca/

(Doug is currently penning a book about the rural-to-urban migration, called Arrival City, to be published by Random House. Another possible Highrise-collabo?)

@koci, Ford Foundation Multimedia Fellow @ UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism sez: “This is a must see, beautiful! Watch the Trailer http://highrise.nfb.ca/

Back in the Blogosphere, multimedia shooter lists HIGHRISE as No . 1, in the “9 Multimedia projects you must see.”

The U.S. based Documentary Blog sez HIGHRISE is, “hands down, the snazziest website I have ever seen for a documentary,” as they list us as one of the 10 documentaries to watch for in 2010.

And then, the Canadian Minister of Heritage, tweeted about the list.

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